Android In-App Messages Pause

Since Reteno SDK 2.0.1, you can show users In-App messages when they open an app.

You can also pause showing In-App messages to prevent interrupting some important flows like registration or payment.

All In-App messages that had to be shown during pause will be skipped and shown next time when display rules match.

If you want to pause In-App messages on application startup, you can do this by setting isPausedInAppMessages to false in RetenoConfig during Reteno SDK initialization in the application's onCreate:

override fun onCreate() {
    retenoInstance = RetenoImpl(this, "your_access_key_here", RetenoConfig(isPausedInAppMessages = false))
override fun onCreate() {
    retenoInstance = new RetenoImpl(this, "your_access_key_here", new RetenoConfig(false))

After initialization, you can pause or unpause In-App messages anytime by calling given the function:

 reteno.pauseInAppMessages(isPaused: Boolean)
 reteno.pauseInAppMessages(boolean isPaused)

In-App Pause Strategy

From Reteno 2.0.3 onwards, you can set pause behaviour.

reteno.setInAppMessagesPauseBehaviour(behaviour: InAppPauseBehaviour)
 reteno.setInAppMessagesPauseBehaviour(InAppPauseBehaviour behaviour);

"InAppPauseBehaviour" provides two possible strategies:

  • SKIP_IN_APPS - Skip all In-App messages until pause will be enabled.
  • POSTPONE_IN_APPS - Skip all In-App messages until pause will be enabled and show the first In-App (if it exists) when pause will be disabled.