Flutter User Behaviour

Track Custom Events

Reteno SDK provides ability to track custom events.

RetenoPlugin().logEvent({required RetenoCustomEvent event});
Custom Event model:
class RetenoCustomEvent {
    required this.eventTypeKey,
    required this.dateOccurred,
    this.forcePush = false,
    required this.parameters,
  final String eventTypeKey;
  final DateTime dateOccurred;
  final List<RetenoCustomEventParameter> parameters;
  final bool forcePush;
  • eventTypeKey - key qualifier of the event (provided by appDeveloper, confirmed by marketing team).

  • dateOccurred - time when event occurred (Date should be in ISO8601 format)

  • parameters - list of parameters, which describe the event

  • forcePush - iOS-only feature; Please read more about it here

Parameter model containt key/value fields to describe the parameter:
class RetenoCustomEventParameter {
  RetenoCustomEventParameter(this.name, this.value);
  final String name;
  final String? value;
Example of usage:
final dateOccured = DateTime.now();
final event = RetenoCustomEvent(
  eventTypeKey: eventTypeName,
  dateOccurred: dateOccured,
  parameters: [
    RetenoCustomEventParameter(<parameter_name>, <parameter_value>)
  forcePush: true|false,
await RetenoPlugin().logEvent(event: event);