iOS Debug Mode

DebugMode enables you to see the event data logged by your app in near real-time. This is very useful for validation purposes during the instrumentation phase of development and can help you discover errors and mistakes in your Analytics implementation and confirm that all events and user properties are logged correctly.

In DebugMode events are logged every 10 seconds and are stored in offline mode up to 1 hour.

To enable DebugMode provide isDebugMode: true to Reteno.start() method:

Reteno.start(apiKey: "API_KEY", isDebugMode: true)

From Reteno SDK 2.0.4 onwards, you can use:

let configuration: RetenoConfiguration = .init(isDebugMode: true)
Reteno.start(apiKey: "API_KEY", configuration: configuration)

To view events from your app in debug mode specify X-Reteno-Debug:true in the request’s headers.

Then go to settings -> Mob Push -> and click Debug next to the app name.

App list

Go to my app list >

You will see:

  • notifications with recommendations for checking settings and verification statuses,
  • Test Mobile Push and Test App Inbox buttons,
  • valid and invalid events with error descriptions,
  • event parameters,
  • contact information (full name, email, phone, device ID),
  • filter by devices.
Debug Mode iOS debug



The system keeps events for 8 hours.

These requests also will be visible in the Event history (as shown below).

Event history

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