API Keys

API Key Usage

Create an API key to set up integration with your Reteno account.

Reteno API supports Basic HTTP Access Authentication method using an API key.

The key provides access to the data in your Reteno account, so it must be protected from unauthorized access.

To access your account:

  • enter any value in Username.
  • enter your API key in Password.
    An example of authorization with an API key for Postman:

Creating a Key

To generate an API key:

  1. Go to your profileSettingsAPI.

  2. Click New key.

Creating a Key
  1. In Description, enter the name of an application or a site, where you want to use the key to access your Reteno account.

  2. Open the dropdown menu and select the access rights for the API key.

API key


The access rules apply to all method versions (/v1, / v2, etc.) unless otherwise specified.

  1. To set up several integrations, create a key for each. You can create several keys with different access rights for the same account.

You can find all the API keys in the API tab. Each key shows the following information:

A. Key number
B. Who created
C. Creation date and time
D. Accesses rights
E. Key description
F. Key status (enabled/disabled)

API key

Access Rights

Access to Reteno resources through an API key is set up at the key creation stage.

You can give full access to all Reteno API resources and methods by choosing Full access to API. Or you can limit access rights by choosing:

  • “Access to events”
  • “Access to events and contacts”
  • “Access to events and contacts” (adding/updating)
  • "Access to messages"
Access Rights

Copying a Key

To copy your key:

  • Point to your key number to display the Copy icon.
  • Click Copy.
Copying a Key

Enabling or Disabling a Key

When you create your key, it becomes enabled by default.

To disable your key:

  1. Click the toggle switch on the right side of your key.
Enabling a Key
  1. Click yes on the pop-up window.
Disabling a Key

Your key becomes disabled. The system blocks access to the API for this key.


If you don’t use a key for 90 days, it is disabled automatically.

Editing a Key

To edit your key:

  1. Click the Options menu (...) on the right.
  2. Select Edit from the list.
Editing a Key
  1. Edit your description and/or access rights and click Save.
    Your key settings update.
Save updates

Deleting a Key

If a key is compromised, you can permanently delete it and create a new one for that application or site.

To delete a key:

  1. Click the Options menu (...) on the right.
  2. Select Delete from the list.
Deleting a Key
  1. Click yes to confirm.

The deleted key is removed from the list of API keys.

API Key Security

The API keys provide access to all the data of your Reteno account. Follow the rules below when working with API keys:

  • Do not expose a key in screenshots or demo videos. Blurring a key may not be enough - better cut it off in a graphical editor.
  • Do not send API keys by mail. If your email account gets hacked, your data stored in Reteno will be at risk.

If you notice unusual, suspicious or unfamiliar activity in your account, someone else might be using your API key without permission.

Disable and/or delete the compromised key or keys, and create new ones.