SDK Release Notes

We regularly release new versions of the SDK that include innovative features and bug fixes. Our release notes describe each update in detail, giving you a complete overview of what's new and changed.

Follow the links below to track the evolution of SDKs and explore the changes.

SDKLatest VersionRelease Date
iOS SDK1.7.4Feb 16, 2024
Android SDK1.7.2Feb 21, 2024
React Native SDK1.4.1Nov 16, 2023
Flutter SDK1.4.1Jan 17, 2024
Unity SDK1.1.0Oct 13, 2023
Cordova SDK1.1.0Dec 15, 2023
Ionic SDK1.1.0Dec 15, 2023

Each SDK package allows developers to seamlessly integrate push notification capabilities, offering tools for effective communication with users through mobile devices. More on integrating your app with Reteno >