iOS SDK In-Apps Pause

From Reteno SDK version 2.0.0 onwards, you can pause on startup using:

Reteno.start(apiKey: "SDK_ACCESS_KEY", isPausedInAppMessages: true)

One more method for controlling pause is:

 Reteno.pauseInAppMessages(isPaused: <Bool>)

To enable Pause provide isPaused: true to Reteno.pauseInAppMessages(), to disable provide isPaused: false.

From Reteno 2.0.3 onwards, you can chose pause behavior.

Reteno.setInAppMessagesPauseBehaviour(pauseBehaviour: <PauseBehaviour>)

PauseBehaviour provides two possible cases: .skipInApps, .postponeInApps

  • .skipInApps - Skipped all In-App messages until pause enabled.
  • .postponeInApps - Skipped all In-App messages until pause is enabled and show the first one (if it existed) when pause is disabled.