Getting Started With API

Overview of API functionality

What Is an API?

An API allows two independent software components to exchange information.


Basic Authentication

Reteno’s API uses HTTP Basic Access Authentication. You can generate an API key and use it for authentication.
With API keys, the external components can access your Reteno account without transmitting the password.


The API key has access to your Reteno account. Keep it secure and don’t expose it publicly in insecure communication channels.

To access your Reteno account resources with the API key:

  • enter any value as a username
  • enter the API key value as a password

Bearer Authentication

You can generate API token to

  • Generate events
  • Generate past events
  • Remove events

Date/time formats

The format of the passed dates and times is in compliance with ISO 8601 standard.

Date and time: YYYY-MM-DDTHH:mm


Time zone of user, who sends a request, is used

Currency format

The currency values are passed as an amount and a currency code in ISO 4217 format.

Supported currencies: USD, EUR, UAH.

Data charset

The default charset is UTF-8.
If you want to send or receive data in another charset use the following HTTP header:

Content-Type: application/json; charset=UTF-8


HTTP-response with status code 2хх - The operation was completed successfully. The response payload depends on the current operation.
HTTP-response with status code 4хх - The operation was completed with an error. Text details can be added to the response body.

API addresses

All API requests to Reteno are sent to, where you should input one of our methods' addresses after the last slash. For example,