Generating Firebase Keys

Register your project in Google Firebase and get keys to send web push messages via Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM).

Creating a Project

  1. Go to and click Create a project.
Project settings
  1. Fill out the form to create a new project and click Continue.
Fill out the form
  1. Activate or deactivate the use of Google Analytics for the project; click Continue.

If you have agreed to use Google Analytics, select or create a Google Analytics account; click Create project.

Create project
  1. Your new project is ready; click Continue.
Your new project is ready

Generating Keys

  1. In the left panel, click the settings wheel next to Project Overview and go to the Project settings menu.
Project settings
  1. Go to the Cloud Messaging tab.
Cloud Messaging
  1. Click the Generate key pair button in the Web Push certificates section.
Generate key pair
  1. Copy the public and private keys in the Web Push certificates section of the Cloud Messaging tab.
Web Push certificates

Proceed to installing Web Push script on your site.



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