Linking Workflow to the Button

The algorithm for linking a workflow to the button is universal. We will illustrate it with the example of a campaign for segmenting contacts.

Let's say you have created an email with a question: What kind of clothes are you interested in? A user could click on one of three buttons: Men's, Women's, or All. Your goal is to build a workflow to add contacts to corresponding segments when they click the corresponding buttons in the email.

Each workflow must be linked to a certain event. You can pass events via API or create them in our system manually.

1. Creating an Event

  1. Go to Automation > Event types and click Create New Event.
Creating an Event
  1. Fill in Name.
  2. Fill in the Key. A key is a unique event identifier that is registered in the system. You can fill in any text in Latin, with numbers allowed, for example, click, sale1, etc. The main requirement is that the key should be unique for every event.

In Category, select the Click event category.

Event category

2. Linking Event to the Button

  1. Open the email with a questionnaire in the editor.
  2. Click on each button with the answer option and link an event to it. Select the corresponding one from the dropdown list.
Linking event to the button

3. Setting Up Workflow

  1. Go to Automation > Workflows and click New workflow.
New workflow
  1. Enter the title and description of the workflow. Build a chain of actions: Start, Add to segment, End. Don’t forget to specify the name of the segment.

You can add more actions to such a workflow, for example — send a message after adding to the segment.

Workflow example
  1. Save the workflow.
  2. In Trigger configuration, select On event and select the event in Event type. Set up processing unique events (in this case, we recommend you the once option). Click Apply.
Trigger configuration

Each contact who clicks on the button will be added to the segment specified in the workflow.