Engaging Welcome Emails: 15 Best Practices with Awesome Examples

Let’s look at how different brands have come up with awesome welcome email designs and what we can learn from them.

1. Thank Your Subscribers

Your subscribers trusted you and proved their trust by sharing their personal information, an email address at least. A brief friendly thank you is the easiest yet utterly effective way to demonstrate you appreciate their trust. Best welcome emails are always thank you emails.

Thank you letter

2. Let Them Know Now They’re Part of the Family

Human beings are social animals who want to be in the company of friends and like-minded people. Using in your welcome emails such words as Family, Crew, or Team, you set the idea for your subscribers that they have become a part of something big rather than simply confirming a subscription.

Welcome letter

3. Let Them Know What to Expect from Your Campaigns

There’s no need to include a massive description: a well-written sentence will let people know what to look for inside your campaigns. A non-formal style and a friendly tone are more than welcome (pun intended).

Email example

4. Give People More Options to Reach You

Invite your subscribers to follow you on social media, read your blog, or download your app. The more channels they have to engage with you, the better.

Email with social media

5. Describe Your Benefits

And this is one of the welcome email best practices. Tell your customers how they can make the most of your company: describe all the services and reward programs that differentiate a subscription to your campaigns from similar offers.

Welcome email

6. Share Original Content

A short, exciting story, recipe description, a piece of infographics with valuable stats, a couple of free images, a funny GIF or video - make your subscribers anticipate your next campaign.

Welcome storytelling

7. Ask People About Their Interests

Show your subscribers you value their opinion. Offer them to fill in a little survey or answer a couple of questions: when (morning, noon, evening, weekends) and how often your readers want to receive your campaigns. Ask them to specify the topics they’re most interested in to compose more relevant offers.

Welcome letter

8. Send a Welcome in Their Language

Another way to demonstrate your concern is to speak with your subscribers in their preferred language. Most marketing communication today is done in English, as it's the primary language of the Internet. But your Spanish-speaking or Japanese-speaking community would appreciate your considering their comfort. See how to automate multilingual campaigns >

Multilingual campaign

9. Consider Taking Advantage of Emojis

According to the 2019 Adobe Emoji Trend Report, 64% of users are more likely to make a purchase via an emoji, and 51% are more willing to comment on social media posts that use emojis. So why not include a smiling face to emphasize that your campaigns can make people happier?


10. Introduce Your Team

People are likelier to read emails when they know real humans are behind them. Besides enumerating your business's advantages over other companies, list your team members who will help take advantage of these benefits.

Meet with team

11. Tell Your Story

Speaking of more welcome email content, don’t be shy to talk about your achievements. Has been shortlisted for A Startup of the Year Award? Regularly participates in local charities? Run free workshops for college students? Your customers deserve to know what makes your company the best option to follow.

Welcome email content

12. Give Helpful Advice

Sum up the key moments that may help use your service most beneficially. Instead of just saying “Hey, buy our products,” say “Hey, this is how our products can help you succeed.”

Helpful email

13. Show How You Can Simplify Everyday Routine

If you have an app that can contribute to the convenience of your service, don’t forget to mention it in your emails. Because what is a welcome email? That's a message that aims to deliver value first.

Helpful email

14. Offer a Gift

Reward your subscribers for sharing their addresses with you. A small bonus or promo code won’t cost you a fortune but will show your customers why communication with you can be beneficial.

Gif offering

15. Add Product Recommendations

When offering a discount on the first order, consider helping people use it by showing some of your best products. A block with product recommendations can help you with it. Since the new person has yet to become familiar with your range, opting for best sellers, hot sales, or staff picks will be the right strategy.

Email with recommendations

Composing a great ecommerce welcome email for your customers is a kind of art. A well-thought welcome email idea can transform your business from promoting your brand recognition to increasing the ROI. Understand the needs of your audience, pick up the right tone, provide valuable content and prove one more time your readers have made the right choice by subscribing to you.