Setting Up Geotargeting

Reteno lets you target users based on their location

Send personalized information to people from different regions. Bet on quality rather than on quantity.

Use our dynamic segments for geotargeted campaigns.



Geotargeting is included in all plans except Startup

How Geo-tracking Works In Reteno

The system obtains location data (country, region, city) when the subscriber performs some action in a message from your company: opens an email or clicks a link in the notification. We update geolocation data in user profiles every time they interact with your messages.

Also, you can import location user data to our system. The principle of its updating will be the same.

Creating Dynamic Segment for Geotargeting

  1. Go to Contacts → Segments → Add Segment → Dynamic.
  1. Fill in the general properties:
  • Segment name: it will be displayed in the general segments list.
  • Segment purpose: for example, for regular promo campaigns, etc.
  • Tags: they'll help find and filter the segments in the general list.

Click Next.

  1. Click Add condition and create Include card.

In the left sidebar, go to Location → Country/Region/Cityone ofSpecify value, and select the values you want to apply to the targeted segment. Click Done to save settings.

To select a regional center and the whole region, choose the condition Contact matches any of the conditions.

If you need to exclude a city from the region, click Add condition and create a corresponding Exclude card:

You may set geotargeting within one country:

Or within the selected regions/cities in different countries:



When you choose several conditions in one card, pay attention to the operator.

  • and – the segment will include contacts that match all conditions in the card.
  • or – the segment will include contacts that match of any conditions in the card.