Contacts Analytics

See detailed information about your contacts from the moment they were created in our system

The Contacts analytics tab contains:

  • Contact list overview by marketing channels
  • Contact list overview by activity
  • Contact growth overview
  • Subscriber engagement overview
  • Segment tracking
  • RFM analysis
  • Cohort analysis

Let's consider each section in more detail.

Contact List Overview by Marketing Channels

The chart shows the total contact amount in each marketing channel.



The overview shows statistics for the last elapsed day; recalculation ends before 02:00 UTC

The following 3 overviews — activity, growth, and engagement — are divided into tabs by channels. Select the appropriate tab to see overviews of one of these channels.

Contact List Overview by Activity

The diagram shows the contact base structure by activity.

The diagram is interactive: click on any segment to find its structure. For example, select the red segment (Lost subscribers) to see its composition graphically:

By clicking on a group, you can export its contacts to a separate segment.

The data is current at the time of export. After creation, the segment available for further action appears in the general segment list.

Contact Growth Overview

The chart shows contact growth for a specific time.

Below the graph are categories of contacts, divided depending on the source of entry into the system or the reason for deactivation.

To remove a category from the chart, click on its name — it will not participate in the calculation.

The growth dynamics for Mobile Push displays statistics separately for Android and iOS (the system collects separate platform statistics from 15 March 22, 14:00).

Subscriber Engagement Overview

The chart shows the ratio between sent, opened and clicked messages.

Segment Tracking

The table shows growth dynamics in different segments. You can add any segment to collect statistics. The system starts collecting the segment’s statistics for this chart from the day you add it.

RFM Analysis

The table shows the results of the RFM analysis by campaigns and sales.

The filter by activity has 4 options:

  • All contacts
  • Sent within 30 days
  • Sent within 90 days
  • Ever sent

The filter by segments offers to select any segment from the drop-down list to analyze its activity.

By clicking the Add event button, you can select an event to launch when contacts move from one cell to another (e.g., active to inactive).

Click on any cell to delete or export contacts from it.

Cohort Analysis

The table shows contact data for different periods depending on contact activity. By default, the table uses the retention rate cohort type.

Read more about cohort analysis in the following article >