Integrating Widgets with GA

You can send the events-related data collected using the Reteno widgets to your Google Analytics (GA) account.

Enabling widget event data exporting to GA

To enable the widget data transfer:

  1. In your Reteno account, click SiteWidgetsInformers, and select a widget, which events you want to export.

​2. In the widget menu, select Integrations and enable the Export data to Google Analytics slide button.


All the event data collected for that widget will be passed automatically to your GA account.



Currently, the Reteno integration with GA is only compatible with the Universal analytic script set directly on the websites where you display your widgets.

Event categories and actions

GA displays Reteno events in a table as shown below.


The Event Category column contains the description of a widget/form type as described in the following table.

Widget/form typeDescription
BUILT_INInline widget/form
FLOATING_BOXFloating box, informer
CONTENT_LOCKERContent locker

The Event Action column in GA contains the action type made on a widget. The event actions are explained in the table below.

Event ActionDescription
LauncherShow_[ID]The launcher button displays on a website
LauncherClick_[ID]The launcher button clicked
FormShow_[ID]The form displays on a website
FormClose_[ID]A site visitor closed the form
FormStartFilling_[ID]A site visitor started filling up the form
FormFinish_[ID]A site visitor completed the subscription form (clicked “Subscribe”, no form validation errors)
FormSuccessSubscribe_[ID]Form filling up status (subscription success)
FormAlreadySubscribe_[ID]Form filling up status (already subscribed)
FormErrorSubscribe_[ID]Form filling up status (subscription error)

The [ID] part of the events for a specific widget sending its data to GA has the following structure: f(form){id}v(variant){id}, where “f(form){id}” is the form ID and “v(variant){id}” is the form variant ID.

For example, FormShow_f781v781 in your GA table means that the form with the ID of 781, and the variant ID of 781 was displayed on a site.



Currently, the variant ID coincides with the form ID. After the a\b testing, there may be several variant IDs of a form.

The form ID is displayed in Reteno, on the Widgets page in the ID column.