Adding a Favicon for Email’s Web Version

Favicon is a small image associated with your brand

Most typically, we can see favicons in the address bar of the web browser; they are also used in web versions of email newsletters. Well-designed icons combined with your website logo will help users quickly identify your brand.


How to add a custom favicon to the email’s web version

  1. Go to your account settings > Laboratory tab.
  2. Click the Upload favicon button in the Favicon section.
  1. Upload image in .ico format, 16x16 pixels.



  1. You can upload only one icon at a time. With each new upload, old icons are overwritten.
  2. Your favicon will be added to all emails generated after its upload. To pull a new favicon to the web version of a previously created email, re-save this message after favicon uploading.
  3. Sometimes, favicon is displayed in the browser tab with delay. In that case:
  • clean cache in browser settings
  • or open the web version of a new email in the browser where you didn’t open it before the favicon was changed.