Building and Editing Workflows

Omnichannel workflow editor helps you easily manage such campaign settings as time, periodicity, recipients, channel types, and sending conditions.

Getting Started

  1. To get started with workflow creation, go to Automation > Workflows and click New workflow.
  1. Enter the title (required) and description (optional). Optionally, add tags.
  2. Every workflow is automatically started with the Start block. It’s a required block. You can add other blocks only after it.
  1. Start adding the blocks you need for your workflow. You can do it in two ways:
  • Left-click the block. It will be automatically assigned to the previous block. If the previous block is a condition that has two lines – green and red – the following block is first connected to the green line.
  • Drag it and manually connect it to any block.
  1. To delete a block, click the trash icon above it (1) or in the top toolbar (2). You can also click Delete on your keyboard.
  1. To delete a connection between blocks, click it and then click the trash icon on top or Delete on the keyboard.
  1. To duplicate a block, click the Copy icon above it.
  1. To undo the previous action or move to the following action, click the arrow icons on top.
  1. Some blocks require additional settings. Blocks that need settings are marked with an orange alert label. Click the block and fill in all the required fields in the settings on the right. Learn more on the settings in the instructions for each block group.
  1. End all workflows or workflow paths with the required End block.
  2. After all blocks are configured, click Save.
  3. The new workflow will appear in the general list with the Not active status. To activate and start the workflow, you need to configure launch conditions in the Trigger configuration.
  1. You can manage your workflows using the settings on the right (2).

Workflow Statistics

In the general list, you can see information on each workflow: date and time of the launch, how many times it was launched and for what contacts, errors, etc. Click the Statistics icon on the right and select the necessary category.


How to Stop a Workflow

  1. Go to Automation → Workflows.

You will see a list of all workflows created in your account.

  1. Click the Deactivate icon for the workflow you want to stop.
  1. Click the Statistics icon and see In progress. If there is 0 in progress, the workflow has already finished for all contacts before you stop it, and there will be no more launches.

If some contacts are in progress, the workflow has started before you click to stop it. It will stop after emails are sent to all contacts assigned to it. You need to stop such workflows manually.

  1. After clicking the In progress link, you can deactivate the workflow to all contacts (by clicking on the appropriate button) or for each contact separately.