Campaign Reports

Reports provide statistical campaign information and are available in the Campaigns → Reports section.

Reports display a table of all your campaigns with their respective statuses, the number of contacts who participated in them, and the effectiveness of each campaign.

Report list

Reports are available for the following media channels:

Bulk & Triggered Campaigns

There are 2 types of campaigns depending on the sending way:

  • Bulk – one-time sending of one message to a group of contacts. For example, promo or newsletters.
  • Triggered — automatic campaigns based on specific actions of the contact, such as subscription, purchase, review, and so on.
Campaign types

Activate the checkbox in the Deleted field to view deleted campaigns.

Deleted campaigns

Managing Bulk and Triggered Reports

Using Message and Widget Preview

To see the message and widget preview in the bottom right-hand side corner, point to the widget or message name in the Reports column.


Filtering Reports

Reports are displayed as lists automatically sorted by the start date.

Newer reports are located on top; you can set the time interval for viewing reports covering a specific period.

Specify period

Searching Reports

To search for a report in the general list, insert one of the following parameters into the search bar after selecting the media channel and campaign type:

  • Campaign name
  • Tag (if added)
  • Campaign ID
  • Message ID
Report search



To search using an ID, precede it with the appropriate search operator:

  • cid: before the campaign ID
  • mid: before the message ID

Exporting Reports

To export statistics on selected campaigns into a separate CSV file, click the Export button. The file will contain data for the selected media channel for up to six months.


Copying Reports

To copy data to the clipboard, click the corresponding icon. Copying is carried out for the reports displayed on the page, taking into account the settings specified in the Display tab.

Copying report

Viewing Revenue

The results are presented separately for each media channel and campaign type. To display revenue in the table, click the icon with the dollar symbol.

Revenue display



To see how much revenue a campaign has generated, enable its visualization in your Reteno account.

Setting Up Report Displaying

The Display tab allows you to:

  1. Highlight the campaigns by the best and the worst indicators.

Activate the Highlight best and worst campaigns switch. The best metrics will be highlighted in green and the worst — in red.

Highlighted campaigns
  1. Change the number of reports displayed on the page: 5, 10, 25, 50, or 100.
Number of reports per page
  1. Hide or add columns with indicators to the list of reports. For example, hide the categories of unsubscribed contacts or display the number of purchases.
Adding columns with indicators

Single Reports

Single messages are sent via workflows and APIs, as well as test messages from the message editor.

See single reports for each media channel in the Campaigns → Single reports section.

They are displayed as message lists and contain the following data:

  • Receiver
  • Message
  • Date
  • Result
Single reports

The options for managing the Single reports section are similar to reports for bulk and triggered campaigns.

Special Icons

  • The copy icon will help you quickly paste data into Excel or Google Sheets.
  • The percent icon shows the data as a percentage.
  • The 00 icon shows statistics in numbers.
Special icons

Multilingual messages in the lists are marked with a globe icon. The number next to it indicates the number of language versions.

Globe icon

Learn more about multilingual reports >

Managing Active Campaigns

Reports on campaigns that are in the process of being sent contain Pause and Stop buttons at the top, with which you can wholly or temporarily stop the campaign. To restart it, click the Start button.

Active campaign

The system could also pause the campaign automatically. It happens if:

  • There needs to be more funds in your account.
  • The message has unique promo codes that have expired.

After you fund your account or update the list of promo codes, you can un-pause the campaign by clicking on the Start button.