Tracking Campaign Performance in Google Analytics

To start tracking your campaigns in Google Analytics:

  1. Create a Google Analytics property for your website.
  2. Create goals.
  3. Set up ecommerce tracking.
  4. Login to your Reteno account, go to personal profile > Settings > Links and enable UTM tags.

You don’t need to configure extra integration of Reteno with GA.

Channel Performance

GA shows statistics on

  • Users;
  • New users;
  • Sessions;
  • Transaction;
  • Revenue, etc.
    To see data on transactions and revenue, you need to set up ecommerce tracking.

To see data on channels, go to Acquisition > All traffic > Channels.

Channel Performance

Set up the range of dates for analysis.

Dates for analysis

You can set up two date ranges to compare the dynamics of results: enable Compare to and specify the second range.

Dates for analysis


Web Push doesn’t belong to default channels. Data on it is given in (Other). You need to set up channel distribution manually.

To assign UTM with the parameter utm_medium to the corresponding channel, add it to the list. At the bottom left, click Admin. If the tabs are collapsed, you’ll see only the gear icon.

Go to ViewPersonal Tools & AssetsCustom Channel Grouping BETA and click + New Channel Grouping.

Channel Grouping

Next, (1) enter the channel name and (2) define rules of how you’ll represent the channel in the parameter medium (2).

Optionally select a display color.

Channel Settings

When creating a new channel grouping, pay attention to their placement order. If the channels have the same rules, GA will record traffic for the first channel on the list. For example, traffic is defined as referral and if the Referral channel is placed above Social, put the added channel above the rest. The data in the reports will be updated in 24 hours.

Channel Group Settings

General Campaign Performance

To get data on the channel audience and reports on campaigns, go Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels. Select All Users and click + New Segment.

New segment

In Traffic Sources > Campaign specify the campaign you want to get the report on. In Medium, enter email or another channel the campaign was sent in.

Traffic Sources

Apply filters and view the report.

Filters view

Thanks to UTM tags that are automatically transferred to GA from Reteno, the data in the reports is distributed between two categories: Reteno-promo and Reteno-trigger.

Single Campaign Performance

To analyze the performance of a particular campaign or trigger, go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Source/Medium and select one of the mediums: Reteno-promo or Reteno-trigger.

In Secondary dimension, select Campaign and view the corresponding data.

Campaign Performance

Campaign Series Performance

You can analyze performance of a series of campaigns if they are labeled with tags in Reteno. To see data on one series, add the same tags in the same amount and order to all emails included in the series. Otherwise, GA will consider these messages as different campaigns.

Campaign Series Performance

Go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Primary Dimension > Source Medium and select Other > Acquisition > Keyword.


Contact Identification by ID

You can track your customer purchase activity using their ID in Reteno.

Contact ID

Go to your personal profile > Settings > Links > UTM tags. The parameter $contactId is specified in Campaign content utm_content by default. Leave it unchanged. Read more on UTM tags in Reteno.

To see the report in GA, go to Acquisition > All Traffic > Channels > Email > Primary Dimension > Ad Content.


Client ID (cid) and User ID (UID) are included in GA and are added to the tracking code on the site. These reports belong to the general analysis of user site behavior. Please contact your developers for detailed information on them.


Create a dashboard for a channel to track such metrics as:

  • Users;
  • New users;
  • Sessions;
  • Sessions by browsers;
  • Revenue, etc.

Go to Customization > Dashboards and click Create.


Enter the title and click Create Dashboard.
You can customize each widget separately or use the default set. On the dashboard, you can display 1 to 12 widgets – small reports that visualize data on one of the indicators.

Add a widget

Your dashboard will be stored until you delete it. Select the necessary range of dates and track the metrics you need. More on dashboards.

Product List Performance

You can also analyze the performance of product recommendation blocks. To track this data in GA, you need to set ecommerce and transfer basic product data: name, category, price, ID, etc.

Go to Conversions > Ecommerce > Product List Performance to see data on views, click rate, CTR, adds to cart, purchases, revenue, etc.

Product List Performance

You can also track the site recommendation performance in Reteno reports. There you can find data on:

  • Views;
  • Clicks;
  • Purchases;
  • Conversion;
  • Item quantity;
  • Purchase amount;
  • Average order value.