Streaming Events from Firebase

Tracking your app's user behavior helps you know what products they viewed or added to their cart, what search terms they used, and any other data that is important to your business. All the collected information can be used for subsequent segmentation, point targeting and personal recommendations (similar to web tracking for a site).

How to set up tracking

To track the activity of users of your mobile application, you need to set up the transfer of relevant data to a BigQuery table, from where it will be automatically sent to Reteno.

Streaming Events

The following instructions will help you set up data transfer to BigQuery:

Full list of events recommended by GA >>

It is important to set the user_id according to the instructions for all registered users.

It is also important to update the contact information, namely its user_id in the Reteno account, using the Add/update contacts resource.

After setting up data transfer to BigQuery, set up the BigQuery connector in your Reteno account.

Contact Matching

When a user is not authorized in your mobile application, but has a mobile token, getting a contactId from a Reteno account will help you. You can do this using the same public API method. The resulting contactId must be passed to


It is also important to pass user_id (application user ID) to

Contact ID is its unique identifier, which helps the system to identify a person when they go to the application from different channels, from different browsers and from different devices. This allows you to collect all data about the contact and their interaction with your brand and send omnichannel mailings to them. All available contact identifiers, such as mobile and web tokens, phone number and email address, will be added to the contact's unique ID.