Using AI in the Email Editor

Artificial intelligence (AI) in the text block of the email editor allows you to translate or optimize the text directly in the template: correct errors, change the style, etc. Machine learning (ML) and natural language processing (NLP) algorithms help you easily create quality content that will increase your subscriber engagement.

AI Capabilities in Reteno Email Editor

Machine learning and natural language processing in email solve four main tasks:

  1. Emotional impact analysis: AI determines which words or expressions are perceived as emotionally charged and helps create marketing content that evokes certain emotions in the audience.
  2. Content generation: You can use automated NLP systems to generate the text content of an email based on your request.
  3. Error elimination: The algorithm corrects grammatical errors and removes extra spaces from the text.
  4. Translation: You can choose one of 10 languages to translate the email text blocks.

Using AI in a Text Block

  1. Drag a text block into the template and add your draft to it.
Text block
  1. Click on the text block. The Launch AI button will appear in the left panel of the editor.
Launch AI
  1. Click the Launch AI button. After that, a block of AI requests will open on the left panel, where you can:

A. Enter any custom request

Custom request

B. Select one of the popular requests from the list:

  • Fix Grammar
  • Make Shorter
  • Make Longer
  • Translate
  • Change Tone of Voice
  • Explain as an Expert
  • Add emoji
Common requests
  1. Send a request to the AI. The generation of the result will continue for several seconds, after which 2 tabs will appear above the text block:
    • Original with the source text
    • AI response with a text generated according to your request

You can then edit the texts on each of these tabs yourself or use new AI requests.

If you submit a request regarding text in the AI response tab, the text option before reprocessing will move to the Original tab, and the results of the new processing will appear in the AI response tab.



If you move to any other block or save the email, the inactive tab (Original or AI response) will disappear. Therefore, we recommend you finish working with the text before editing other blocks.

Using AI in a Subject and a Hidden Preheader

To optimize the subject and preheader of the email, click the Improve with AI button next to the corresponding field with your text (must contain more than three characters).

Improve with AI

Select one of the suggested options or click Suggest more to see more options.

Subject options

There are 2 optimization options for the preheader:

  • Based on the principles of Robert Cialdini's psychology of influence, which can be used to persuade people to make a specific decision
  • Based on the subject
Optimizing header

Using AI in a Smart Container

To optimize the text in a smart container in accordance with the information on the link to the product page, select the container in the template and click the Improve with AI button.



AI optimizes text in the language set in your account settings.

Smart container