Exporting User Groups From Campaign Reports

Export users who took part in the campaign directly from the campaign report. Segment them by their reaction to your marketing activity, accessibility, and sending errors. Export is possible to Reteno’s segment or the CSV file.

Segmentation by General Campaign Results

  1. Go to CampaignsReports and click the campaign name.
  1. The campaign’s report will open. Click Export.
  1. Select a parameter to segment recipients by:
  • Activity: Sent, Delivered, Opened etc.
  • Inaccessible contacts at the time of sending: Blacklisted, Is Not confirmed, In Unsubscribed, etc.



Contacts to whom a message was not sent when checking for a subscription category, fall into the In Unsubscribed category

  • Errors.
  1. Select where to export users:
  • To the new list;
  • To the existing list;
  • Send as a CSV file to the email address used to log in to Reteno.

Segmentation Based on Clicks in the Email

In the table of clicks, you can group links by URL. The Contacts column displays the number of subscribers who clicked on a specific link.


Click on the number → a new window will open with all the contacts who followed the specific link → export them to the new list or to the existing lists.