Notifications for Trigger Control

You can control triggers used in workflows to ensure proper campaign management.

There are two indicators that can be monitored:

  • Frequency at which events are sent to the system;
  • Consistency with which emails with certain tags are sent.
    You can set up notifications when these indicators fall below the specified limit.

Create a Notification for Events

Events are sent to the system when a person performs an action on the site or in the message. The event triggers the workflow, i.e. serves as a trigger.

To monitor their income, you can create a notification (email, SMS) that will notify you if the system receives fewer events than it should.

  1. Go to your profile > Settings > Notifications and click Add notification.
  1. In Type, select Event.
  2. In Title, select the event title.
  3. Specify the lower limit for the selected event.
  4. Specify the period during which the received events will be counted.
  5. Select the notification type: Alarm or Warning.
  6. Click Create.

For example, you select the event Subscription confirmation and set the amount of 5 events per day. If less than 5 people confirm their subscription, you’ll see the alarm notifying you that the subscription form or confirmation email may require fixing.

You can create both types of notifications – alarm and warning – for the same event and configure different limits. The limits depend on the average indicators typical of your business. You can change them at any time.

Use such notifications for important events, for example, the event PaymentCreated that includes essential information about the order, payment, shipping, etc. Specify the limit of 1 day to be able to detect possible technical issues in time.

Notifications can be applied to any event created in your account.

Create a Notification for Tags

A tag is a keyword or phrase that can be added to any message for fast and convenient search within the system. You can click a tag next to the message in the general list and see all the messages with this tag.

To set up notifications for tags:

  1. Go to your profile > Settings > Notifications and click Add notification.
  2. In Type, select Tag.
  3. In Title, select the tag title.
  4. Specify the lower limit for sent messages with the selected tag.
  5. Specify the period to count sent messages with the selected tag.
  6. Select the notification type: Alarm or Warning.
  7. Click Create.

Set Up Notification Launch

After you’ve added notification in Settings, alertSettingsAlarmTrigger and alertSettingsWarningTriggerEvent will automatically appear in Automation > Event history > Event type.

To start receiving notifications to your email address:

  1. Create an email (or SMS) that will be sent to your email address if any of the specified events or tags require your attention.
  1. Create a workflow with the task Obligatory email. Enter your email address and select the corresponding email.
  1. Assign the corresponding event to the workflow and start it.


After you receive the notification to your email address:

  1. Go to Automation > Event history.
  2. See the event parameters with the trigger title.
  1. Check the corresponding settings or integration.



Webhooks is an alternative tool to monitor triggers. They can be set up without the help of programmers, making automation available to all marketers. To complete this goal, Reteno is continuously improving to allow effective implementation of different practices.