External Data Sources

Some companies use several platforms to collect and manage customer data. Thus, sometimes you need to add to messages certain content based on customer data tracked or stored at third-party platforms, such as an external CRM, mobile application, database, etc. For example, you want to add to a message personalized product recommendations based on offline sales or orders made via calls and need access to this data.

To access data from third-party sources and use it for content substitution, use a preprocessor or connect to external data sources, such as Google Sheets, BigQuery, PostgreSQL, or HTTP request.

Importing External Data from Google Sheets

Use data from Google Sheets for recommendations in messages and for contact base segmentation.

Integration with Google BigQuery

BigQuery integration may be really useful in such situations:

  • you have CRM where you store a lot of contact data
  • you meet problems when creating multiple additional fields in the Reteno or supporting continuous updates of contact data
  • you want your data to be stored in one place instead of several databases to get rid of the constant need to store the same info in different places
  • you want to build custom reports

Connecting to PostgreSQL as an External Data Source

To get access to customer data collected via third-party platforms, connect to an external data source PostgreSQL. Use it to substitute promo codes in triggered campaigns or build complex segments.

Connecting to HTTP Request as an External Data Source

HTTP request allows you to automate the creation of message content. This request uploads and sends contact data from Reteno to other systems, and vice versa, transfers data from third-party systems to Reteno.