Setting Multilingual Form

With multilanguage, you can create one form in different languages within one template. It helps avoid various forms and voluminous unsystematic reports: all statistics are now available in one tab.

Create a native form on your site that will be displayed in the user's site language.

To determine the user's language, the system checks:

  • the lang attribute in the HTML code of the site;
  • if the lang attribute isn't set, the system checks the language of the user's browser;
  • the system will use the default language version if the user's language doesn't match the specified form languages.

Multilanguage Settings

  1. Click the globe icon on the top panel with settings when editing form appearance. Set a default language. The system will display the default language version if the user's language is not defined.
  1. Set up form appearance in the version with the default language, then it's automatically applied to other language versions.

  2. Change the default text for all your language versions of the form.

  3. Save the form.