Recommendations in Media Channels

Product recommendations improve marketing communication effectiveness. Using them, you automatically select relevant products for each specific situation and a particular customer.



Before starting to configure recommendations:

Preparing Campaigns with Recommendations

In Reteno, you can add blocks with product recommendations to the email and all other media channels. Let's move on to the recommendations settings.

1. Substitution of recommendations in the email template.

In your account, you will find Abandoned Cart and Abandoned View trigger email templates, which already have parameters for dynamic data substitution. Based on them, you can display dynamic content with any type of message recommendations. Learn more about setting recommendations in emails >

2. Creating a workflow for the segment.

Any event that web tracking registers can be a trigger to start an automated campaign. The system regularly sends such message chains to contacts that meet the pre-set conditions (More than 5 views of product category X during the week).

Please check out the tutorial How to Launch a Regular Workflow for a Segment.



If you encounter difficulties at any of the configuration steps, please contact our support at [email protected]