Launching an Email Campaign

Retain your users with bulk and triggered email campaigns. This guide will walk you through the main steps to set full email integration with Reteno.

Step 1. Adding Sender Name

Use different sender names to separate different campaign types and help subscribers filter your messages (promos, blog newsletters, triggered emails, etc.). You can add or change a sender name in the email editor or in account personal settings.

Step 2. Creating Email

You can create an email template from scratch using Reteno's drag and drop builder or customize your own pre-made HTML templates. Test it and if it's ok — start to retain your users!
All templates in our builder are adaptive by default, so will look great both on mobile and desktop devices.

Step 3. Launching Campaign

Choose target segments, schedule the campaign, and watch how it benefits.

Step 4. Automated Communication

Use workflow builder to orchestrate automatic email and omnichannel message chains. Use ready-made workflows for any event, from passing game level to ordering a dish.



Use purchase possibility segmentation when you want to reduce the cost of your messaging without losing the potential revenue it should generate. By leaving only the most likely buyers in the target segment, you will reduce the number of messages sent, but at the same time retain as many possible orders as possible.