AMP Campaign Reports

AMP technology enables to send interactive emails and get subscribers more involved with your company. To take a survey, complete an order, react to a document comment in real time or RSVP to an event, a user no longer needs to download extra pages or open a new browser window, as the AMP technology allows to take these and many other actions straight in the email body.



To send AMP emails, you must be registered with Gmail as a dynamic sender.

You can view separate statistics on AMP campaigns in a general report.

Go to Campaigns > Reports and click the necessary campaign.

The first section provides general statistics on the campaign, including both HTML and AMP. Additional statistics on HTML and AMP is given in the second section.

Opens and Clicks

Click Map

The section shows the click rate for each email element with a link. In HTML, you can view statistics on HTML only. In AMP HTML, you can view statistics on both HTML and AMP (and not on AMP only).



This section shows Open Rate and Click-to-Open Rate for both AMP and HTML You can add details and sort opens by domains and segments.


To measure the effectiveness of the campaign within a certain segment or segments, click Choose segments and select segments you want to show stats for.

Note that in all tabs in Segments section the columns Opened, Clicked, and Click-to-open show general statistics as well:

  • Total;
  • AMP;
  • HTML.

To delete the selected contacts from the list, click Choose segments and remove checked boxes.