Creating In-App Message

After connecting the mobile application to Reteno, you can send two types of notifications, mobile and in-app. In this article, we will look at creating in-app messages.

Create a Flag

The in-app message creation is the same for mobile push notifications. The main difference is that you need to set a flag in your application and use it in the messages. It can be some specific value that you pass to the Custom Data field, for example, “type":"in-app”. When you send a campaign, the corresponding flag indicates that the message needs to be displayed inside the app.

Compose the In-app Notification

In the MessagesMessages→ select the Mobile push section in the left sidebar. Fill in the fields in the Main settings: Name, Title, Text, and Tags. Read more about message creation.


Then you must prepare the message data in JSON format. For example,

  • type – field with the unique flag
  • title – message title
  • message – message body
  • action_title – text of the main CTA button
  • skip_title – button text to hide message
  • image_url – picture link
  • deep_link_url – custom URL, which after clicking on a message button, opens a specific screen within a mobile application

Below you will see the example of JSON.

   "title":"[In-app message title]",
   "message":"[In-app message description In-app message description In-app message description In-app message description]",

Add it to the Custom Data field.


Here is an example of how it will be displayed in in-app notification:


Read how to test or send messages here. See the results of all launched campaigns in the Mobile push reports.