Launching First Campaign

How to create, launch and measure the results of the first campaign

You can explore the Reteno system. But developers should integrate SDK before you can send the first push.



This manual is for product marketers. Follow the link to the developer's manual >

Sending push messages is completely free (Pricing >).

Let’s jumpstart your app marketing with Reteno in these quick steps.

Step 1. Set Up Automation

Get a quick start with ready-made campaigns that make money from day one. Choose goal-oriented flows for your industry in our campaign library and just fill them in or create yours from scratch.

Read our workflow set-up documentation for guidance.


Discover Ideas >


Create Workflow >

Step 2. Target Right Users

Build unlimited segments combining unlimited conditions — by profile data, events & event parameters, campaign activity, RFM, and more — to most likely prompt a target action.

Follow set-up instructions in the segmentation documentation.


Create Segment >

Step 3. Craft Messages

Use intuitive builders full of personalization and rich content features. Probably you won’t even need a developer to start sending tailored messages on whatever channel you choose.

Follow our guides for crafting messages:


Create Message >