Creating Events

You can create events automatically (via API / SDK) or manually.

The event sent via API / SDK is automatically registered in Other category with the name with which you stream it to us. After the first request, it will appear in your account, and you can see it in the AutomationEvent types section.


But if you want to use one of our system events, firstly, you need to create it and specify its category.

  1. Go to Automation > Event types and click Create New Event.
  1. Fill in Name (required).

  2. Fill in Key (required). A key is a unique event identifier that is registered in the system. You can fill in any text in Latin, with numbers allowed, for example, click, sale1, etc. The main requirement is that the key should be unique for every event.

  1. In Category, select the necessary event category.
  1. If you enable the Segmentation by events option, switch Use event for contact segmentation. The availability of this option depends on your tariff plan. To enable it, please contact [email protected]
  1. Click Add.

The created event will appear in the general list of Event types.
To edit, click the event in the list. To delete it, click the … icon on the right.

Now you can link the created event to the workflow so it will run the automated campaign.