Triggered Email Reports

The report on triggered email is similar to the bulk one. Let's consider a few differences between bulk and triggered reports.

General Information

The top part of the report contains the following data:

  • Name of the email.
  • Start button for first-time launching.
  • Stop button for an active campaign.
  • Subject line.
  • Tags: allow to find and filter emails quickly.
  • Sender name.
  • Annoyance level (optional);
  • Email preview.

Email Statistics

You can view statistics on the sent triggered campaigns for any period. Select it in the right upper corner of the screen from the dropdown menu.


You can select such options:

  • today,
  • 7 days — last week (including today),
  • 28 days — the previous 4 weeks,
  • current month,
  • previous month,
  • all the time — since the start of the workflow and the first sending of this message,
  • period — you can specify the dates yourself.

Click on any of these options, and the system will display a report for the selected period.

Email Performance

Activity dynamics

This graph is based on the selected period, where you can see the number of:

  • delivered, opened, clicked, and reported as spam emails;
  • unsubscribed users.

Hover over the graph to see the exact time and number of opens and clicks over a given period. The pencil on the graph shows when the email was edited:


The deliverability graph is also based on the selected period. Here you can see:

  • The number of delivered emails.
  • The number of contacts inaccessible at the time of sending.
  • The number of errors.

Table of clicks

Message Version shows the number of clicks on each link in different email versions.


General Report on Workflow Messages

You can see all the messages participating in a particular workflow and their statistics. For this:

  1. Go to
  • Automation -> Workflows -> View campaign report.


  • Campaigns -> Reports -> Triggered -> Select workflow.

  1. On the screen with reports, select:
  • Message media type (for omnichannel workflows)
  • Reporting period

Statistics are exported according to the selected filters.

Other report options are the same for bulk and triggered messages.