Creating Telegram Message

To send Telegram messages via Reteno:

  1. Create a bot in the @BotFather service, copy the access key, and upload it to our system.
  2. Subscribe to a pricing plan.



    • The number of contacts in a subscription is calculated based on contacts with tokens.
    • If the number of contacts in a Telegram channel exceeds the plan’s limit, messages will not be delivered to contacts above the limit.

Then, you can proceed to create a Telegram campaign.

Creating a New Telegram Message

Go to the Messages section → Messages → Telegram. Click New Telegram.

New Telegram

Main Settings

Fill in the following fields:

  1. Name. Select a message name. This field is available for searching messages in the general list; users will not see it.
  2. Message text. You can use:
    • up to 4096 characters;
    • text formatting menu;
    • emoji;
    • clickable links that will provide additional transitions to the site and allow the recipient to find out the promotion details or product characteristics immediately;
    • personalization with variables from contact fields : name, city, number of bonuses, etc.; click the person icon and select the desired value.
  3. Tags (optional). Add tags by selecting the ones you need from the list, or create new ones by clicking Add tag. Using tags, you can quickly find your desired messages, analyze statistics, and set up your messaging frequency strategy.
Main settings

Additional Settings

Specify subscription categories to send messages to your contacts based on their interests.

Additional settings

Multilingual Version (optional)

Click the globe icon on the top panel, specify the default language, and add language versions to create a multilingual message. Fill in each version with content in the appropriate language. More on multilanguage >


Testing Message

  1. Test the message by clicking the TEST button on the top panel.
  1. Enter the contact ID or select a contact from the list. The user to whom the test message is sent must be registered in the corresponding Telegram bot.
  2. In the Telegram bot field, specify the bot to which the message will be sent. If you only have one bot, it will be selected by default.
  3. Click Send.

If everything is set correctly, the message will be displayed in the specified bot.

Creating Campaign

  1. Click on the Create campaign button.
Create campaign
  1. In the pop-up window, activate the checkbox next to the contact or segment for which you want to send a campaign. Then click the Go to campaign button.
Go to campaign
  1. On the general checkout page:
  • Check the bot the message will be sent to.
  • In the Segments section, click Recalculate contacts to see the total number of contacts that will receive the notification. You can also edit segments or select new ones.

See all the necessary information for verification: Name and Subscription categories. You can see how the message will look on Android and iOS.


In the Send options, you can set the batching. Click the Start immediately button to launch the campaign. For a delayed start, select the Schedule button and set the date and time of sending.