Reteno Extension for Google Chrome

The Reteno extension allows you to quickly and easily test your widgets on any site without installing a script. During testing, only you see the form.

Downloading the Reteno Extension

  1. Open the Google Chrome browser and go to chrome://extensions/.
  1. Turn on developer mode in the top right corner of your browser.
  1. Download the file

Installing the Reteno extension

  1. Extract the files from
  2. Upload the extracted files to the Google Chrome browser by dragging them to the extensions page or by clicking the Load unpacked button and selecting the appropriate file or folder.

The Reteno extension will appear on the Google Chrome Extensions page.

  1. Activate the Reteno extension slider.

Reteno Script Activation

Copy your Reteno script and paste it into the plugin to display the form on the site.

  1. In your Reteno account, go to Site - Widgets and click Script installed.
  1. Go to script options and click Copy to clipboard.
  1. In the Google Chrome browser, go to the site where you want to publish your form and open the Reteno extension in Chrome Extensions.
  1. Paste the script into the field and click the Add Script button.
  1. Create a form In Reteno, change its status to Visible to site visitors and click the Save button.
  2. Reload the page. The form appears on the page after a while, usually within a minute.



If your widget doesn't appear after publishing, check its activation settings and change any that may be blocking display.

You can test your widget on the site at any time as long as the script is installed in the Reteno Chrome extension.

Removing the Reteno Script

You can remove the script from the Reteno extension if you want to stop displaying your widget on the site.
For this:

  1. In the Google Chrome browser, go to the website where you installed your script and open the Reteno extension in Chrome Extensions.
  1. Click Delete Script.

Your widget will no longer be displayed on the site.