Adding New Users

To add a new contact use data streaming in JSON format via Public API.

Use the Add Contact method to create the user's profile to an account or update an existing one.



  • This method doesn't generate events, so you won't use it to launch workflows.

  • Using the specified methods, contacts with email addresses will be created as confirmed, as imported from a file. It doesn't allow configuring double opt-in.

  • If you want to store some custom information about your users, create additional fields before uploading contacts.

  • For adding/updating bulk of contacts use the Add Contacts method. This resource allows adding/updating up to 3000 contacts with one request.

JSON sample of request body

For this API method, you must pass channels; other fields are optional. Format and description of all fields are available here.

    "firstName": "John",
    "lastName": "Smith",
    "channels": [
            "type": "mobilepush",
            "value": "8900-7654-6456-9876-0012",
            "device": {
                "appId": "83b77a49-fc28-409b-aeaa-68c9d544ab9d",
                "deviceModel": "iPhone 13",
                "os": "Android",
                "locale": "uk-UA",
                "clientVersion": "native",
                "appVersion": "4.1.7",
                "active": true
            "type": "email",
            "value": "[email protected]"
    "fields": [
            "id": 12345,
            "value": "writer"
            "id": 12346,
            "value": "1990-03-09"